Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at a typical day at East Coast Cannabis, a leading cannabis dispensary located in Lebanon, ME. From the break of dawn until the late evening, our passionate team works meticulously to provide both medical and recreational cannabis products to our valued customers.

Starting the Day: Prep and Review

Our day at East Coast Cannabis starts early. Our dedicated staff members begin their day by ensuring all our products are well stocked and displayed, from our top-shelf medicinal selections to a variety of recreational cannabis goods. This is also the time to make sure our educational materials are up to date and available for our customers to enhance their understanding of the benefits and uses of cannabis.

Bright, early mornings are followed by a review of industry updates. In an industry as fast-paced as cannabis, staying updated with changes is key to maintaining our operations within regulatory measures. This ensures that we provide safe, compliant, and quality products to our customers.

Customer Interactions: Ensuring Satisfaction

Once the dispensary opens, our highly knowledgeable staff welcomes customers, both those seeking medical cannabis and those exploring our recreational offerings. Navigating through the sea of different strains and products can be overwhelming for anyone; hence, our team members take their time to educate customers, answer their inquiries and guide them toward products that best suit their needs.

An Ongoing Effort: Quality Assurance

Even amidst the daily hustle and bustle, quality checks are a constant at East Coast Cannabis. We believe in providing a consistent premium experience to our consumers. Hence, product inspections, cleanliness checks and ensuring the potency of strains happens throughout the day.

Ending the day doesn’t mean simply closing the doors to the public. The last hours are often spent planning for the upcoming day, from inventory checks to scheduling, as we continue to strive for seamless operation and service. Such is a day in the vibrant, ever-evolving world of East Coast Cannabis Lebanon, ME – where we live and breathe dedication, good service, and quality.