At California Street Cannabis Company, we don’t just sell cannabis – we serve joy wrapped in little green leaves! Especially at our latest hub: the San Francisco dispensary.

Location So Fresh, It’s Still Got That New Dispensary Smell

Oh, you haven’t heard? Dodging the fog and hippies to make your way down to our newest dispensary in the heart of San Francisco is the hottest trend right now. Forget about the latest tech gadgets or vegan pop-up kitchens, the boutique-style setup, quirky staff, and an array of carefully-selected, artisanal cannabis products are setting the town ablaze! (Disclaimer: no towns were actually set ablaze.)

Pot-O-Gold at the End of Your Rainbow

Little boxes of happiness await! Munchies? We got edibles that’d make a grizzly bear giggle. After a long day of being amazing, you deserve the finest selection of cannabis products. All procured by our San Francisco wizard – er, dispensary. Step in, roll one, and enjoy a stroll down Happiness Lane – no detours, we promise!