Forget the Olympics and that blasted Googler who keeps making wrong turns — you’ve found Altius! Yes, we’re located in an idyllic little town you may have heard of — Round Lake Beach, IL. Now you see, your search for a recreational cannabis dispensary is finally over.

Our menu not only thrills the connoisseur in you but will also treat the neophyte with an assertive kindness. Want a high dusk or a mild dawn? We’ve got the whole sunscape. And we’re not just blowing smoke, we’re enthusiasts ourselves – (don’t worry, we won’t challenge you to a joint-rolling contest. Or will we?)

Taking a stroll down Our Green Aisles is an experience in itself. Call it the “Emerald City of Cannabis.” Want more plants ? Here, Dorothy, this isn’t Kansas… it’s better!

So, the next time you’re in Round Lake Beach, and your GPS leads you astray, just remember, Altius Dispensary is more than just a recreational cannabis dispensary, it’s a whole new level. Heck, we’re higher than the Sears Tower. Come join us on cloud nine.