It’s no secret that Californians love their cannabis. But when it comes to Eagle Rock residents, they’re a cut above the rest. The source of this elevated status? None other than Green Eagle Delivery, the winged superhero of cannabis delivery.

Unleashing the ‘Green’ Eagle

Pioneering in its offerings, the Green Eagle Delivery service drops off quality cannabis right at your doorstep. No need for caped crusaders, our ‘green’ hero is armed with a selection of buds, edibles, and accessories that would make even the pickiest connoisseur swoon.

Navigating LA traffic is tricky, even more so when you’re craving some green. Why gamble with congestion when our Green Eagle can swoop down and deliver your favorites hassle-free?

Flying High

Living up to its namesake, Green Eagle ensures its cannabis products will help you ‘fly’ — metaphorically, of course. Whether you’re an old hand or just hopping aboard the cannabis train, Green Eagle Delivery provides a service worthy of applause. ‘Eagle’ has indeed landed, and it’s helping Eagle Rock sail high on satisfaction!