At New Standard, we’ve got a tale to tell – A story that has been shaped by a deep-rooted conviction to revolutionize the marijuana industry and redefine the norms. Our Cannabis Provisioning Centers are not just stores; they’re hubs of creation, exploration, and education.

A vision sparked, kindled, and ignited into existence in pursuit of delivering a new standard of marijuana excellence. At our centers, far from the confinements of stigma and misconception, you’re welcomed into a universe of discovery. We offer you a broader understanding of marijuana, its myriad of uses, and its transformative potential.

We value the remarkable journey of our customers. From the moment you step through our doors to your personal experiences at home, we’re committed to providing a quality of service that eclipses the ordinary. For us, it’s about more than just marijuana. It’s about cultivating an environment, an experience, and a legacy of unrivaled excellence.

Come, join us in the story of New Standard. Here, we’re not just raising the bar; we’re lifting expectations to new heights. Because when it comes to pioneers, we believe—we are the New Standard.