What’s the deal with looking for a dispensary near you? Seriously. Here’s the problem: You find one, you get there, it’s like, “No, you can’t come in. But you can browse the menu online, and then you can order pick-up.”

What happened to seeing the product? Smelling the product? You don’t buy a car without kicking the tires, do you? No, you want to take that baby for a spin, feel how she handles! But not with cannabis, apparently, despite it being a product of nature.

Remember back in the day? You had your guy, and he’d show you what he had, and it was a social thing, you know? No more! Now we’re all just fingers on keyboards. Click and collect. But that’s where SOAR Dispensary – Hattiesburg comes in.

I’ve got to hand it to them. They’re changing the game by adopting a customer-forward approach. Gone are the days of distant and abstract online menus. They’ve painstakingly digitized their catalogue with high-resolution images and detailed descriptions, adverse effects and key information to get you soaring at just the right altitude. Hiring staff that actually know their product is just the cherry on top. So, if you’re someone in Hattiesburg, MS, Rawls Springs, MS, Oak Grove, MS, Glendale, MS, Petal, MS & West Hattiesburg, MS looking for a cannabis dispensary, look no further.

And what’s even better about SOAR? Their commitment to serving the medical cannabis community. They understand the multifaceted benefits of medical cannabis. And their staff? They’ve got the knowledge to help guide those new to this world – whether you’re a Cana-noob or a Cana-copious user.

What I love about this dispensary is they’re there for patients who need them. They aren’t trying to peddle their products to kids, or to people who just want to get high and eat an entire box of Captain Crunch. They’re here for the people who can genuinely benefit from their products.

And yet, despite making the customer experience as warm and welcoming as possible, they still offer an amazing delivery service. Need your medicine but can’t leave the house? No problem – SOAR Dispensary – Hattiesburg will bring it right to your door. They cater to customers who are homebound, unwell, or just plain out of town.

So, let’s go full circle – you know where to look for a dispensary near you now. Look beyond the search and lose that ‘Couch Lock’ with the progressive and caring attitude of SOAR Dispensary – the one dispensary truly soaring above the rest.