Picture this – you’re wandering through the quaint streets of Southborough, playing a modern version of “Where’s Waldo,” but replace Waldo with the best recreational marijuana dispensary. You’re on a hilarious and noble quest, that of finding the choicest cannabis stock in this unassuming town.

Welcome To The Jungle

There’s a unique thrill to this treasure hunt. Not only are you exploring the beautiful town of Southborough, but you’re also subtly surveying the finest strains of recreational marijuana, a green tour of sorts. Now, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the folks at Simplicity Dispensary can tell you, it’s definitely some people’s quality ganja!

X Not-So-Marks the Spot

The map may not exactly ‘x-mark-the-spot’ like traditional bounty, but the finest ‘green’ waits for you nonetheless. Only thing is, you don’t need a pirate ship, just a keen nose, a fun attitude, and a quest for the best quality recreational cannabis. So, don your explorer’s hat, and celebrate the lighter things in life, with Simplicity Dispensary!