When you’re in the vibrant area of Manhattan for your facial services at Elite Aesthetics, there’s so much more to enjoy. The city is packed with exciting activities and hidden gems that will transform your skincare appointment into a fun-filled day out.

Discover Hell’s Kitchen, NY

Start by heading to Hell’s Kitchen, well-known for its rich variety of global cuisines. After a Derma Fillers appointment, feed your soul with delicious food from around the world just around the corner. Try the acclaimed empanadas at Empanada Mama, or tap into your sweet tooth at Sullivan Street Bakery.

Next, step into the world of performing arts with a visit to The Actors Studio. This historic venue has nurtured the talents of many Hollywood stars and gives you a chance to witness high-quality performances in an intimate setting.

Experience the Charm of Greenwich Village, NY

Greenwich Village boasts a quirkier, artistic character. Stroll through Washington Square Park, an energetic spot where you’ll witness unexpected performances and fascinating characters. Take in the sounds of saxophones and violins, post your natural facial balancing session.

A trip to the Village Vanguard is a must for jazz enthusiasts. Experience the powerful performance of local musicians while soaking in the timeless ambience of this iconic venue.

Union Square, Chelsea & Midtown Manhattan

Enjoy a day of shopping in Union Square before your Lip Fillers, then head over to the Chelsea Market for an extraordinary food adventure. In Midtown, satisfy your craving for culture at MoMA or delight in a Broadway show.

Towards the end of the day, relax at the East Village’s luxurious Russian bathhouse. A perfect end to a day filled with the excitement of natural collagen injectables and the allure of Manhattan’s vibrant districts. You may find that the city’s radiance will rival your new, rejuvenated look.