Located in the heart of one of the country’s rising hotspots, Gifted Canna Co. is more than just a premier cannabis dispensary; it’s part of the thriving, vibrant local scene that defines Gifted 716. This community is steeped in culture, art, music, and friendly faces who may just answer “Yes, I am gifted!” when you ask them the question.

An Emerging Neighborhood that Has It All

Stroll, cycle or drive around the scenic area and you’ll find a cocktail of the nostalgic past tied with a hint of the exhilarating future. It’s a neighbourhood that has something for everyone. While our well-informed staff at Gifted Canna Co. help guide you through your cannabis journey, why not go on a different type of journey around the neighbourhood?

You can savor the tasty food from a range of different cuisines or visit the local vendors that give us fresh, hand-made, and unique products that you won’t find anywhere else. Perhaps you’d rather dive into the arts and music scene, visit local galleries, or watch a live music performance at one of the neighbourhood pubs. More details on local arts and music can be found here.

A Community that Champions Diversity

Diversity is at the heart of Gifted 716—our community is as varied as the product offerings in our cannabis dispensary. From young professionals, artists, musicians, to families, there are multiple faces that makeup our vivacious community.

But, what ties everyone together is the overarching acceptance, openness, and the proud declaration of our uniqueness. This community-centric vibe is also felt at Gifted Canna Co., where we welcome and assist customers of various backgrounds and experiences. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, or new and curious, we’d love to meet you and offer our expert advice.

So whether it’s for cannabis or for an adventure through a thriving, gifted neighborhood, a visit to Gifted Canna Co. is an invitation to explore and discover.