When most people see Altius Dispensary, they simply see a place where they can purchase their choice of recreational weed. What they don’t see is the transformative journey into the world of responsible cannabis consumption that we promote. From facilitating choices based on health and wellness needs to supporting the community, Altius Dispensary serves a larger purpose than meets the eye.

Pioneers of Responsible Use in Antioch, IL, and Beyond

In many surrounding communities, including Waukegan, IL, Round Lake, IL & Round Lake Park, IL – the conversation around cannabis was quite murky. People needed a trusted partner to guide them towards safe, informed marijuana use. That’s where Altius Dispensary stepped in, providing an open, educational, and empowering environment for cannabis buyers. With a firm focus on elevating the local community through responsible use, Altius quickly became more than just a Pot Shop.

Inspiring a Progressive Cannabis Culture across Pleasant Prairie, WI, Grayslake, IL

At Altius Dispensary, our mission transcends beyond selling recreational weed. We aim to inspire a informed, progressive culture surrounding cannabis. Leveraging knowledge, awareness and respect, we continue to drive change in Pleasant Prairie, WI, Grayslake, IL, and beyond and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.